Hard Shell Suitcases


Hard Shell Suitcases

Hard shell suitcases are not only great for those who prefer a neat and tidy approach to packing and want everything still in place at their destination as they packed it, But they are also designed to protect your traveling items with a hard firm shell and are often padded for that extra protection.

Hard shell suitcases are purposely made tough, with hard wearing plastics which will protect your belongings from bumps and knocks that come with baggage loading and walking through airports whilst soft shell cases typically don’t hold this trait.

Hard shell luggage is most commonly made from aluminum or poly-carbonates and many of today’s hard shell cases also include interior features previously available only in soft-side styles. Modern materials have also allowed us to create hard shell luggage to be just as lightweight as their soft-sided equivalents.

A hard shell suitcase typically features wheels for easy lugging around. Nowadays lightweight and a popular choice for travel. Suitable for any journey and an especially good choice for the international traveler.

The best hard shell suitcases come in a good variety of styles & colours, stylish as well as durable, safe, and convenient.

Hard Shell Suitcases VS Soft Shell Suitcases

Hard Shell Pros.

– Water Resistant. – Easily To Clean. – Most Likely To Project Items From Liquids. – Secures Contents From Knocks and Bumps.

Soft Shell Pros.

– More Flexible In Smaller Spaces.

Hard Shell Cons.

– Harder To Fit Into Overhead Shelves or Under Seat. – Harder To Open In Small Spaces.

Soft Shell Cons.

– Not Water Resistant and Will Absorb Water Causing Smells and Long-Term Damage. – Less Protection For Case Contents.

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